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Dry Under Water

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Kaan Küley’s solo exhibition titled “Dry Under Water” is based on the meanings of the starting point of life in the context of the artist’s subjective experience. Dedicated to understanding his own conditions of existence, Küley records the change human beings have undergone during birth. In addition to his personal observations, Küley is interested in discovering what it means to be in the world, to be thrown into the world, and what the feeling of ‘angst’ really means. Nature, urban life, the modern world, media, art and medicine are all factors that are taken into consideration during the artist’s process.

Kaan Küley’s artistic perspective includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, artifacts and installations. Drawings added to the three-dimensional, toys or parts of an aquarium are examples of objects from Küley’s image and material archive. Bearing the meanings and symbols of the past, when these magical pieces come together with drawings and sculptures, depict the personal mythology of today’s people. By multiplying his own self-images and reflecting them on different surfaces within the same work, Küley keeps records of human beings’ rebirth. A family watching themselves on TV, a baby who experiences dryness inside water but wetness when on the outside settle side by side in the exhibition and create awareness in the spectator, all the while becoming sharable by other beings. Thus a kind of memory space has been created by the artist.

What do we know and remember from before we are born, from the moment of birth and after birth? The magical and hidden life of all people is under scrutiny. The reality of being human creates a singularity that pushes all boundaries and an exhibition that can be shared by everyone in relation to so many common sides.



Start: January 9
End: February 7
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