One Exhibition, Two Monologues’ discovers the unknown

One Exhibition, Two Monologues’ discovers the unknown

SEVİL DOLMACI Art Gallery will host ceramic artists Begüm Manav and Selim Çınar’s new exhibition titled ”One Exhibition, Two Monologues” between May 16 and June 15. Inviting the audience to discover the layers of the world and visitors to witness a new experience full of characters from a different world, the exhibition brings together two young artists whose common point is ceramic production. The works by these two artists revolve around the theme of anti-dialogue.

Selim Çınar, who graduated from Abant İzzet Baysal University’s Department of Art Teaching in 2010 and continued his master’s degree at Uşak University’s Department of Ceramics, focuses on hidden layers under the exposed face of individuals and the universe in his works. Çınar obtains reliefs with the paraffin decor technique on the surface of figurative and amorphous ceramic forms. In this way, he reveals the hidden layers that are waiting to be discovered under the persona.

Begüm Manav, who completed her bachelor’s degree at Anadolu University’s Ceramics Department in 2017, interprets porcelain with an authentic technique, adds human features to the characters that she produces and shapes them as anti-characters, arising the from cyberpunk current.

Çınar and Manav present a new experience to visitors in ”One Exhibition, Two Monologues” by leaving the known reality behind the doors of the gallery. They make visitors discover the unknown layers of the world and humans.

The creators of the exhibition continue their works in Eskişehir province. Çınar has held three solo exhibitions to date along with his academic career. Besides all this, he attended many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Continuing her master’s degree in ceramics, Manav has also taken part in various group exhibitions to date.