Şahin Demir

Şahin Demir was born in Mardin in 1987. He graduated from Selçuk University, Fine Arts
Education Department in 2011. In 2012, he started graduate education at Selcuk University
Institute of Social Sciences.

The artist, who received the Peker Art Awards, RH + Young Artist of the Year, and the 2nd
National Painting Competition Achievement Award of Karabük University, participated in
many group exhibitions in numerous venues including Cermodern and Bucharest Palace of
Parliament and held four solo exhibitions.

Demir’s works consist of metaphors based on impression. Nature, which draws the random
to its own scene, always transforms it into a poetic, imaginary caste and timeless story. In
this narrative, the artist expresses his adventure which frees the most of the texture and
transforms it into a meaning.