The duo ha:ar, consists of the sculptor Hande Şekerciler and new media artist Arda Yalkın, they are pursuing a new form of expression by blending their individual practices. Both share an admiration for classical art and new technology. They pride themselves in mastering a wide range of production methods ranging from traditional sculpture and painting to digital video, animation, 3D modeling together with current mainstream media aesthetics. Overall, their practice deals with questions relating to the civilization we create, the technology we produce, and the conflicts we generate with our way of existence. Their works have been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and art fairs in Turkey, USA, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, France and Hungary. In 2019, The duo has been named as leading artists of UNHCR Turkey’s Digi-gather program and  been accepted to Los Angeles 18th Street Arts Center residency.

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