Cömert Doğru

Cömert Doğru was born in 1977 in Istanbul. He graduated from Isparta University Graphic Design. After his graduation, he made illustrations for various ad agencies and publishing houses in Turkey, Germany and USA (Pars MacCann Ericson, Propaganda, Alametifarika, Bastei Verlag, Altın Kitaplar, etc). In 2009, his illustration was published in the book “Artists Inspired by Stephen King” prepared by the American publishing house Centipede Press. The star he produced for the “Stars of Istanbul” project in 2012 for the benefit of Unicef was selected the best star and sold at the highest price of the evening.

In his paintings, Cömert Doğru creates his own reality and takes inspiration from the art history. The basis of his work references surrealism, hyperrealism and pop art. Having these references, Doğru underlines perfect beauty with beautiful women and colorful and exotic fish in his composition, while in fact he is questioning the duality of reality / dream, death / life, moment / space. The female figure is for him a medium in which lies many discoveries. With her fertility, the woman is the perfect metaphor that best represents life / death. For that reason Cömert Doğru’s women are sometimes depicted in their purest, defenseless state, that is, naked. The nudity here takes place with the image of the holy / divine that the woman has had forever, not an appetizing, fascinating approach.