Anders Krisar

Anders Krisár was born in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. He lives and works in Stockholm.

Anders Krisár’s works, which take part in the Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, New York, US and Carnegie Collection, Stockholm, Sweden, often focuses on the human body. Krisár’s sculptures often features or makes reference to the human form, exhibiting a preoccupation with formal rigor and abstraction. Krisár’s sculptures – immaculately produced, and often bear a deliberate blemish that is itself impeccably rendered – are discomfiting, objects of simultaneous horror and beauty. In M (girl) the life size figure of a girl is split in two and then rejoined, so that a single figure becomes two halves, severed twins clasping hands. In Half Boy, a life size boy is standing but split in half. The violence that underpins the works in this series is a recurring theme and is rendered with care and deliberation, so that it appears both aesthetic and inevitable. The sculptures are uncanny because of the meticulousness with which they are executed.