Begüm Manav

Begüm Manav was born in Balıkesir, in 1992. She had her primary, secondary and high school education in Balıkesir. In 2013, she began her undergraduate studies at Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department. She attended various workshops and participated in group exhibitions during her education. She organized her first solo exhibition “Adventure” in 2017. Since 2017, she has been continuing her post-graduate education in Anadolu University Fine Arts Institute Department of Ceramics.

She tries to create an atmosphere that is different from the world we live in; and her works includes unreal and unfinished details while keeping humanoid elements. Instead of a good-bad conflict, she prefers the feeling of uncertainty. Her works combine cute and unsettled elements. She uses porcelain varieties mainly, and non-ceramic materials in some details. She is continue her works in Eskişehir/ Turkey.


Exhibitions & Workshops

  • 2019- A345, Group Exhibition, Terakki Foundation Art Gallery (İstanbul- Turkey)
  • 2018- Yeşil Dalga – 2, Group Exhibition, Bisanthe Art Gallery (Tekirdağ- Turkey)
  • 2017- Adventure – Solo Exhibition, Anadolu University Gallery S (Eskişehir- Turkey)
  • 2017- Genç Sanat- Group Exhibition, Unicera (İstanbul- Turkey)
  • 2016- Tokyo Global Art Project/ Noborigama Firing Technique Workshop (Tokyo- Japan)
  • 2016- National Odunpazarı Alternative Ceramics Firing Event (Eskişehir- Turkey)
  • 2015- International Gizem Frit Ceramics Competition, Exhibition (Sakarya- Turkey)